Sitting at the campfire,  just enjoying the breeze fanning the flames and offsetting the heat of the flames.  It brings to mind the parallel of beginning and completing any endeavor.

You must start with the small pieces that will quickly ignite – while these burn quickly & brightly, they burn out fast.  They are not long – lasting but necessary for the foundation of the fire.

We began with newspaper,  supplemented by small kindling.   The kindling,  or smaller sticks, lasts a bit longer but still is not sustaining.

The quickly burning fuel is lighted by a source of fire or flame.   That is one point of ignition but it may be started in multiple locations to add to the success.

For a long – lasting fire,  you must also have larger pieces of wood,  that have been curing for a period of time.   While the fire burns brightly at the beginning, the larger pieces of wood sustain the heat, letting the fingers of the  flames dance over the bark.  The wood is changed by the fire,  changing to ash – so you must always be adding fuel to the fire and allowing the oxygen to fan the flames, as they burn brighter and hotter.

Your dreams can only be accomplished by starting small and lighting that with the flame of motivation – which may burn brightly,  but that intensity is difficult or impossible to maintain.  Have you defined your VISION, your GOAL?  Do you have a PLAN to reach it?!

So you add to the fire larger bits of information, creating a stronger base for the fire you are creating  within.  Let others fan the flames, inspiring you to continue.


Keep the fires burning strong!

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