I think I’m pretty self-aware and will readily step up and admit my own shortcomings – there are certainly plenty.  

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But that doesn’t mean I like to always shout every imperfection from the mountaintops.  I’d guess most people have a secret or twenty, no matter who they are.  Self-awareness allows you to have a clear perception of your own character & personality.  To realize and accept The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.  With clarity you can take stock of your own thoughts, beliefs, strengths, flaws, emotions, and see what motivates you.  This allows you to work well with people, understand how they perceive you and your responses to them.

 It’s fascinating to me to watch people, how they react in various circumstances – to see what they’re made of.  Watch their true character (or lack thereof) shine through.

I was recently thinking back to a short book I read recently called:

The Holy Man
By Susan Trott

In this profound yet easy read, many are on a pilgrimage to meet with the Holy Man and each (hopefully, theoretically) parts with their own lesson learned on the journey, the stay, or the happenings surrounding their pilgrimage.  One man that came to meet with the Holy Man was a liaison sent by a Famous Man to schedule time to meet with the Holy Man that would be convenient for HIM.  That was not how it worked.  Everyone waited in line – for as long as it took.  They camped on the side of the mountain overnight, every night, until they reached the hermitage of the Holy Man.  If they did not reach the end of the line before it closed for the winter months, they would have to come back the following year.  The meeting could not and would not be scheduled for a sake of convenience.

“Don’t they know who I AM?”

In the land of bright lights and tabloids, it may matter.  In the modest home atop a mountain, reached by only by the climb up the uneven and rocky trail, a name is no matter.  There is no social hierarchy that is of importance on the mountain.  

A self-important Famous Man such as this had many lessons to learn, but he sent someone else in his stead.  He wanted a stronger ego, but paradoxically in gaining a stronger ego, he would actually be able to “slough it off.”

 Is that even possible?  Is the EGO able to be differentiated from the being?  It would be very rare to live without some sort of ego, but a reduction of ego would bring you closer to spiritual development.  Ego is a false sense of self.

Be self-aware.  Of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.  If others offer you constructive criticism and everyone around you says the same thing…  might they be right?  

Do you immediately deny or contradict everything that is told you?

To learn, you must be coachable.

“Don’t wish it were easier.  Wish you were better.” – Jim Rohn


 Bettering yourself and knowing YOU can bring you a multitude of benefits.  You will be better in personal relationships, at work, in conflict resolution – all parts of your life will improve.  

Take the time to work on becoming more self-aware.

 Create a better you every day.  Practice self-awareness.  Stop and take a step back to evaluate you.

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