Harvest Series 5/7 You Harvest In Proportion to What You Plant

If you plant abundantly, you will harvest abundantly.  You can’t plant one seed and expect an entire field of corn to grow!

Planting NOW for what you expect in the harvest is PLANNING.  This is SETTING THE GOAL for the outcome, setting yourself up for success. 

This requires us to be bold.  Be assertive.

"How many burglars of our hope do we allow to break through the doors and windows of our lives and rob us of the challenge of planting to the fullest?"

Planting in anticipation of the outcome is like hunkering down and getting ready for winter.  If you plant sparingly, you’ll harvest sparingly.  If you plant bountifully, you will have a bountiful harvest.

This thought can be, like many of these, either positive or negative.  If you are frivolous with your time and resources, your result will be that – frivolous. 

In order to get to the harvest successfully, we need to have:





Planting with a SINGLENESS of VISION. 

We actually don’t plan our planting to gain a successful harvest for OURSELVES, it is so we can help and give to others.  It is not for our luxury or prosperity – that is an empty goal. 

We have to go ahead and plant, not wait until it is risk-free – that is not reality.  Go for it – rely on hope and faith, and plant that field.  

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You Harvest In Proportion to What You Plant


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