Make Every Day a Thanksgiving Day

Even as I begin this post, the words begin to tug at my heart and stir memories tucked away in the dark corners of my mind.  It’s a perfect message for today, and I appreciate that despite the tears it brings.  I ALMOST got through my FB Live, but did get emotional - and that's O.K.  

This is a compilation of thoughts I’ve edited from a lesson my dad had put together back in November of 2002 – a part of his email ministry.  The words still live on, although he is no longer here to preach them. 

 …there are so many blessings that we receive every day that we should make every day a Thanksgiving Day.

‘Aye, each day let me find
Contentment in my mind,                                               

Some word or action kind
My life to bless,
And thus let me, I pray,
Make every day a day
Of thankfulness.’”

for every moment dropped
Into my life that had some sweetness in it;
For all the golden hours when friendship met
And gave up heart for heart and thought for thought;

For all the love that faithful hearts let fall
To drop into mine own; For every look from loving eyes,
for every smile or word that gladdened me; 
For subtle influence That made me strong,

Dear Lord, I thank thee.

        “I THANK THEE, LORD, I thank thee for the hours When flowed my tears;
          When fell those grief-wrung drops On lips that murmured, “Lord, thou knowest best.”

          For all the love-born sorrow, hidden pain; For all the cares and burdens of my life (For, glad or sad, thou givest the best); For all the strength thou gavest me to bear, Dear Lord, I thank thee."

(From Cecil Cross and Rose Pastor, Restitution Herald, Volume 7, Number 8,  Page 57.)

 Should we give thanks in everything?  I say, yes!

Thankfulness given for all, including our rulers – that we may

lead life in a peaceable way. 

In a quiet way.  In a respectful and godly way.

 Thankfulness for offered for the wonderful food we are given and

rest when we are weary.

I am thankful to God for blessings today, and every day.

Below are the opening lines to a song that is sung to the tune of The Sound of Music’s “Edel Weiss”:

“Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ, Early each morning I meet thee...  Thank you, Lord, on this day, For our many good blessings...  For our many close friendships...  Guide us on forever.  Thank you, Lord..."

I wish for you and yours to have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.

Life is too short to not Make Every Day a Thanksgiving Day.