What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

Let that sink in.  If you KNEW you could not fail.  That statement lets our mind break free from our many physical and mental limitations (if you let it!).

A cognitive shift is beginning to take place.

Imagine letting go of all of the limitations we place upon ourselves.

Money is not an object.  Lack of physical capability is not an issue.  Time does not hold you back.

What if you found a way for that to become a reality??

Do you know how you would spend your extra time if you had it?  Or have your dreams taken the back burner for so long you don’t even know?!  Have you defined your vision and written down clearly-defined goals to forge a road to accomplishing that vision?

It’s possible to live a life where you take control of your finances and time, but it takes hard work and dedication.  The goal of creating new habits can be a huge motivating factor, but it’s easy to get really pumped up about a new idea and then it begins to deflate as it loses its shiny newness.

When your initial motivation fails, what is left?  Commitment.

The day in, day out COMMITMENT is what drives change.  How long does it take for that commitment to become a habit?  Success is both conscious and unconscious, so it must be supported by positive, ingrained habits that we have created.

Are you ready to become committed?


It was thought in the 1950’s that it took about 21 days to create a habit – this is based on anecdotal evidence by a plastic surgeon named Dr. Maltz.  He took note that after about 21 days, his patients would adjust to their new nose, or a new situation.

This was appealing, since it is short enough that your MOTIVATION continues to drive you, but long enough that it sounded feasible.


More scientific studies were conducted in 2009 by a health psychology researcher named Phillippa Lally.  Ninety-six people were studied over a period of 12 weeks, each choosing a particular behavior-changing habit.

On average, it took over 2 months before a new behavior to become automatic.  Specifically, 66 days.

If you miss a day, no problem.  Just jump back on the wagon!

To get to that 66th day, you must start with Day 1.

Making positive changes in your life is not for the faint of heart.  It takes time, hard work, dedication, and typically additional resources (depending on the change).  And maybe some blood, sweat, and tears!

But it’s totally worth it!  You can start small and work your way up to larger goals – it does not need to be overwhelming.

Start making those changes today and celebrate small benchmarks – these are victories to note!  Before long, you’ll begin to notice it won’t be work, it will be a habit.

You’ll wonder what your life was like without it.

 “The best way to predict the future is to to create it.” Peter Drucker