The Three Treasures

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Another person’s trash…  this post began as something that had been discarded, donated for a Rummage Sale we hold annually at our church.  I found a set of cassette tapes (YES, TAPES!) written and read by Qi gong expert Ken Cohen and some years later decided to listen to them.  I was in a self-help listening phase, coupled with a lot of driving time in the car, so I also listened to Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, other miscellaneous CD’s and tapes checked out from the local public library and probably learned a little Spanish along the way!

But, I digress. 

The tape collection I found at our church Rummage Sale, ironically, was Taoism: Essential Teachings of the Way and its Power.  I follow the teachings of Christ, but there are many concepts and much wisdom that can be gained from listening to those in other cultures and ways of thinking.

This collection of tapes ends with a reading of Chapter 67 in Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching, which refers to the Three Treasures or Three Jewels.  These cross also into Chinese Buddhism and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

To find “The Way” you must do three things.  These should be part of your character if you are to be successful.

First, you should have compassion, or pity.  It is only through this quality that you may learn to be BRAVE.

Second, you must be frugal, or moderate and in doing so you will have the ability to GIVE CHARITABLY to others.

Third, you must refrain from being first in the world.  It is only by refraining from being first that you will become a LEADER

These three qualities resound with me on varying levels, but I draw the following parallels.

BRAVERY allows you to go forward and do or create something in your own life you may fear beginning.  Focus on taking those first few steps to overcome fear of failure, fear of success, or whatever type of fear you are feeling.  The first step is doing, be brave!

GIVING to others truly shows the type of character you possess and what your mind ultimately believes.  In his book, "Unlimited Power," Tony Robbinssuggests giving away 10% of your income!  If you need to begin smaller, give 1%, 5%, or 7% now, with the goal of working up to 10%.  Do you agree with the fact that everyone can afford to give up this much of their income?  You may have to cut back initially, but ultimately it will cause you to practice self-control and become disciplined.  On the way, you may discover kindness and empathy toward those you are helping and feel better about yourself as a person.  This may actually HELP YOU TO GROW. 

In David Wood’s recording “Speak the World into Existence,” he also quotes this, taking it a step further.  By giving away part of your income, you are accepting that you have enough for yourself.  He states that your mind cannot give away something that you need for your survival!  Finally, this is nothing new for those that read the Bible – as tithing is a common practice taught still and practiced today.  The etymology (or the origin and historical development of a word) of tithe is simply “one-tenth,” although this may refer to money, land, or other assets (as this was referred to in the Bible).  Decide where you would like to donate a portion of your income, that is personal to you.  This could be to a homeless person, a charity that is dear to you, or to your church. 

Be a LEADER.  Practice self-control and wisdom when encountering things in life and you will rise to the top. 

Others will follow.

Others will follow.

Join me.