Adjust Your Stature

This is going to be kind of a quick one today!  I've maintained my Zero Level baseline of items I need to accomplish for the day, but I did take a little more time for myself today.  And that's OKAY!  That included working out, so I power walked/jogged/ran about 6 miles (and probably won't be able to walk tomorrow!).  

While walking, I remembered back to college - a friend of mine was in music education and was required to take a PE course.  She opted to take Walking for Fitness and took me along for the ride!  I actually learned some things and got a great workout!  The points I thought of today while walking were in regard to the hills and valleys on the trail - and the adjustments your body must make to compensate for that...  to both get the best workout and to keep your body from injuries.  When going uphill, slightly leaning your upper body forward to match the incline and also leaning in with your thighs - but never allowing your knees to extend beyond your ankle.  They must remain supported.  On the downhill course, you must tuck your pelvis under, legs supporting your back and your upper body leaning slightly back.  

Your body compensates so it works most effectively.  

So it is with your business.  Your initial vision may have even changed slightly, so it is ok for your strategy or "road map" to also change.  Or you tweak your plan to reach your initial goal, as you learn and understand that these may be necessary.  

The sails on a sailboat must constantly be tweaked to stay on course.  Being able to constantly change is vital to success!

It's pretty amazing that we can send people into space - and even MORE amazing all of the calculations and constant adjustments made so the craft and inhabitants have a successful journey.  There are multiple moving parts at play.  

Without going into detail (I'm no rocket scientist!), I've read that a spacecraft is CONSTANTLY drifting away from its planned flight path, due to so many variables.  This can include the pressure of the sun, and many other disturbances in space.  In fact, there is a specific name for each a large and a minor change in trajectory!

Constantly adjusting, so it can reach that intended destination!

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So keep working toward that goal, stay on course by tweaking and adjusting constantly so you can realize your dream!