Facebook Business: Create a Compelling Page!

20 Great Tips for YOUR FB Page !!!

I found the awesome infographic below that outline 20 tips you should be utilizing in your FB business TODAY!  But I did want to highlight a couple of these, as I feel some are really compelling ways to gain attention to your FB Page.

In full disclosure...  I decided to really put the spotlight on FB this week, because...

*drum roll*

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Ok.  On to the Good Stuff.  


People respond well to images.  Create a page that dazzles the eyes, bewitches the mind and ensnares the senses...  (Ok, sorry, I had a HP flashback!  On with it, then.)  But you get my point.  STAND OUT.  Your page should be a reflection of you and your brand but also have an innate order to it.  


FB is...  SOCIAL media.  So be social.  ENGAGE.  You can accomplish this by being relevant (think special days, the hot news of the day, etc.) and using interactive posts to draw in your audience.  I've even seen surveys - there's an app for that (I've not yet used it, but anxious to try it out!) called simple.surveys and in using this survey, you even gain the user's email!    


Set yourself up with authority and SHOW you are the expert - HAVE GREAT CONTENT!  YOU are here to to make an indelible mark on this world!  No one has a new story.  But everyone has their own perspective of that story and their own style in which to tell it.      

Those three points are important enough that they needed a bit of emphasis and general Special Attention.  

With these alone, you can have a simply Fabulous Page.  But there's more below!

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