Part II…  Adapted from an Inner Circle recording by Kevin Sousa talking about his Driving force behind achieving success through opportunity – and the dumb reasons that keep you from them. They make you reject opportunity.

What are the DUMB reasons that people use to reject opportunity and keep from moving forward with their goals and dreams.

I don't typically subscribe to using the word "dumb," but... this is a special case!

8) They allow their own fears to allow them to stop them from taking action.

“Oh, I don’t know.  I might lose the money that I put up, if I fail.”

They are assuming they are going to fail already, which is why they WON’T come up with the startup money, which they know they can do, but they WON’T.  So they say they CAN’T.

They lie about it.  They allow their fear to stop them from taking action.





There’s a book by David Schwartz called The Magic of Thinking Big – and he said that the only thing that cures fear is action.  Taking action and doing what you’re afraid of doing will cure the fear.

We all have situations such as this in life.

Fear is a dumb reason to reject opportunity.

9) They’ve tried it themselves, once or more, and failed.  

When you tried something and you failed, do you quit and feel that it’s impossible for you to make it?  Then you’re not like Thomas Edison.  He tried and failed 10,000 times before inventing the lightbulb.  If he quit trying after he failed, that would have been dumb.

Previous failure is a dumb reason to give up an opportunity to do something you’ve already failed at.

Learn what persistence means.  And determination.  Your dream is worthy of that.  See yourself helping others with the opportunity.  This is very compelling reason to try again.

10) They prejudge it.  Even before evaluating it.

“I have an opportunity, I’m looking for a couple of key people.  I was wondering if you would be interested.”
“OH, no, no, no.  It’s one of THOSE things.”

They prejudge it.  Which, of course, is dumb.

If you have a dream, you’re going to look at it.  If you believe that you can achieve some specific goal, and you’re looking for a goal to help you do that?  You will take a look at it.  You won’t prejudge it.

11) They readily believe anyone opposed to it.  

They think,”Oh, what a great opportunity, and it looks really good.  I think I’ll talk to Mary about this.”  And Mary says,”Nope, nope, nope, nope!”

This sounds familiar.

You’re ready to believe Mary.  Why?

“Oh, ok.  I guess I won’t join it, then.
Well, that’s dumb!  Because of someone that hasn’t even tried it themselves, let alone KNOW someone who has.

But the world is full of negativity.

The News.  Your Parents.  In an effort sometimes to protect us, people we love:  classmates, teachers, business associates, workers, co-workers…  They ALL have been programmed with negativity in life.

Not many people believe in their dreams.

Very few.  It’s sad but true.

But the good news is that all you need to do it choose to believe in your dream.  It’s a choice.  And then take action on that.

Don’t readily believe anyone opposed to this opportunity that may be provided to others.

12) They are obsessed with their problems in life and they have no hope.  

They’re so engrossed and wrapped up in their own problems that whenever an opportunity comes along in life, they say,”Whatever!  I’ve got PROBLEMS!”  And that kills the hope that is inside of people.


Light a FIRE under your DREAM.

Light a FIRE under why you would be remotely interested in looking at creating additional ways to earn income.  This is the vehicle.

13) It’s easier to say ,”No” and remain in their comfort zone than to say,”YES!” to their dreams.  

Saying yes to their dreams will take them out of their comfort zone. n People will do anything, including lie to you and themselves as to why they can’t do something.

“I come home from work.  I’m exhausted!  I want to spend time with my family, I really just don’t have the time” and you will hear some of the dumb reasons listed above!


When you do something you’re not comfortable with, you’ve just expanded your comfort zone.  And all of the sudden – you are comfortable with it!  Rather than expand it, many people just like to stay within their comfort zone – and say “no” to their dreams!

It’s a lot easier and more…  well, comfortable to do that.

14) They are lazy.  

They don’t want to work more than their job to get ahead in life.  They think their job is the end-all be-all for their income in life and their lot in life.  Therefore, they will just go to work, come home, get paid, go to work, come home, get paid, work all of their lives, retire at the age of 65 and get a nice little turkey dinner for retiring.  Then live on half or less of what they were making when the had a job!

15) Afraid of what other people will say or think.  

It’s fine to be a private person, but if you’re stopping yourself from going after a dream or goal because you’re afraid of what your relatives or best friend might think of you…  Are you afraid of losing your friends?  

There is a fear.

It does not matter what other people say or think about what I do in life. 

It used to matter.  

Don’t be the victim of news and other peoples’ negative opinions, it causes you to be afraid of what other people think. 


Susceptible to the Negative Influences of Other People

When your dream is big enough, the facts don’t count.  It doesn’t matter.

16) They use their family as a reason NOT to, rather than a reason TO…  do it.

“Oh, I’m coming home from work, I need to spend time with my family.  That’s more important to me.”  If spending time is important to you, then why don’t you take three weeks out of your life, TODAY, book a flight, and go to Hawaii with your family?  Spend three weeks with your family, right now.  Why won’t you do that?  

Why?  Well, you haven’t raised the money to do it.  Don’t say,”I don’t HAVE the money.”  Because you can raise any money you want if your goal is big enough.  You haven’t raised the money to do that.  You don’t even think it’s POSSIBLE.  

Talk about quality time with your family.  Can you imagine that?  Spending three weeks, anywhere in the world with your family?  Money is no object.  

Make your family a reason TO build an opportunity, not as a reason NOT to. 

You can do a lot more for your family than just come home from work and be with them.  A lot more.    

17) They actually believe that they will be doing something TO others, instead of something FOR others.

With this opportunity, I don't make a dime before I help someone else make a dollar.  That's the principle of it.

You will be doing something FOR others – by providing a way to make additional income, to have a blog, to learn more about personal development, to grow as people, and to be able to have OPPORTUNITIES to help them – and teach them how to help others to achieve their dreams.  

Think about others.  You can have everything in life you want, if you help enough other people get what THEY want.  And that is exactly what this opportunity gives you.  A way to do that.      

Rather than concentrating and focusing on all of the dumb reasons NOT TO take action on an opportunity, we will help you.  And YOU can do it.  That’s the bottom line.  

Even though I hardly know you, or maybe don’t even know you at ALL, I BELIEVE IN YOU!  

Don’t take these lightly.

If you loved these and want to follow your goals and dreams, please contact me!  We can reach for them together.