The Most WONDERFUL Time of the Year... or is it??

Love the song, regardless!  

(If you have 2-1/2 minutes, it's worth the listen.)

IS it the Most Wonderful Time of the Year?  I was waxing a bit philosophical this morning, but yes...  according to my personality, I am a nurturer.  I want everyone to feel wanted and that they feel like a part of the whole.  Not ostracized, alone, or ashamed.  

For many, this time of year isn't fun.  

It's not full of tinsel, sleigh rides and glitter.  

There are a few ways in which someone may be having a difficult time during this season.  I recorded a FB Live about this, this morning.  I do have you warn you, though...  I may make you cry at the end.  It just got emotional.  (And that's okay.)

This year, I have heard of quite a lot of job loss and layoffs.  Hundreds.  It's never a good time of year for that, but that can be even more stressful during the holiday season.  It can be easy to get on social media if you have an extended time off from work and shout to the world,"I have a bazillion days off now, I wonder WHAT in the world I EVER shall do?!  Mm?"  Be cognizant of those that would love to be working during that time.  Enjoy.  But don't unintentially rub noses in it.  

One reason I have begun a home business is that I desire stability and self-accountability.  That doesn't work for everyone, there are 7 billion people on the earth and as many opinions.  But I do know I am working toward sustaining my own economy.  

This is a time of year that feeling the loss of loved ones can be a really raw, overwhelming experience.  

Someone that is grieving needs to understand they have PERMISSION to grieve.  To meet that emotion that can suck one down to darkness and so they are immersed in it - so they may ultimately work through that feeling.  That's not to say grief ever ends.  There are varying steps to the healing process and everyone goes through them in a different manner, at varying rates.  But I believe grief can (and many times, does) last for the rest of your life.  Someone I know died very recently, just within the last couple of weeks.  He was only slightly older than myself, which really struck me to the core.  He was 42, funny and SUPER smart.  A tragedy.  💙 

The problem is, we think we have time.  

Many families are grieving during this time of year, whether it's been 2 weeks, 2 years, or 20 years.  Be a caring soul and listen.  Empathize.  

If you've never taken the time to watch this 3-minute film on empathy - please do it now.  It is worth your time, I promise you.   

Some are better off financially than others.  Someone may not have as much as YOU.  I wish for you to enjoy your family and friends - even SPOIL them.  But mostly spoil them with your love and attention, because that is what matters in the end...  not things.  

I remember returning to school as a child, after our break - and especially in grade school, everyone was supposed to write down all of the "stuff" they received for Christmas.  One child may have received the most popular (read: expensive) toy of the season (totally propagated by the stores and toy companies - don't even get me started!)...  and the next may have received nothing...  as their parent may have been having enough difficulty just providing food for the family.  There is disparity - but paradoxically, we must celebrate and be grateful for what we have.  Part of being grateful is extending a helping hand to another - any time of year, but it may seem more meaningful during the holiday season.  

(It's never out-of-season to give charitably!)

There are many ways to help others, if you feel so moved.  These are also needs during the entire calendar year, but people often feel the sting a bit more during the holidays.  

When everyone is supposed to be "Merry and Bright."

Ideas for donations (not exhaustive!):

  • Women & Children's Shelters (food, clothing & essentials, gifts) - local shelters will have lists of items needed.
  • Families in need (food, clothing, gifts)
  • Local Food Pantry - donate non-perishable items (see button with list below)
  • Soup Kitchen or a Care Center - volunteer your time
  • Pet food for the pets of those that are low-income or elderly, or for Animal Shelters

It's really only limited by your imagination!

Take a step back during this year's hustle and bustle.  Help make someone else's day Merry and Bright by being the best version of you possible. 


Do you want to know how you can become better & better and take control of your own life?  You can do it if you decide you want to.  It's really that simple.  

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