Love, Buddy

Hello, everyone!  Buddy the Elf here!  

Have you ever found out something COMPLETELY unexpected about yourself?!  I did, and BOY it was a WOWZA - in fact, my mind became all swirly and twirly and then I just FELL right over!  Out cold.  

Maybe I should have noticed some of the signs that I was a human (I didn't have the same skills as the other elves, my shoes were SO much bigger than everyone else's, I couldn't fit into my bed or the shower...) but I just didn't.  I just thought I was special.  Once I came to terms that I was a human, I decided to go out and find out more.

I ended up discovering a few profound things on my journey.  

It's good to ask questions and be an active listener.  

I enjoy asking people questions to find out more about themselves and I listen to their answers - I mean, really listen.  Later, when I see the same person, I even ask them something to show I remember them.  Making that personal connection is the point of my LIFE!

Singing and smiling heals a myriad of problems.  

elf smile.gif

I helped Jovie overcome her fear of singing in public - after all, she does have a beautiful singing voice!  She became comfortable with herself to sing when the time came and she knew it was needed.

I showed her right in the middle of the store that singing didn't have to be scary:

Singing ultiimately saved the day - it wasn't exactly because of the singing, but the spirit of joy and community everyone felt.  But singing is an outward expression of Joy!

Be honest, even if it might be difficult.

I have a childlike way of just telling the truth - even if it's not the most popular thing to do.  I don't know why adults stop doing that - sometimes there are reasons to do it, I guess...  But I think it's just better, at the end of the day, to tell the truth!  

Because I wasn't afraid to be honest, the relationships in my family improved!!  Before, there was no communication about expectations and disappointments and I just don't ignore those kinds of things.  It's an open book.  

It's important to celebrate even the small victories!


I'm a pretty enthusiastic elf.  I mean, human.  So, when I see someone doing a good job, I tell them!  I celebrate it!

Use your talents to the best of your ability.  

Do everything you do with 100% enthusiasm and you will always be fulfilled!  My dad was really unhappy where he worked, but he ended up doing something else that made everyone so much happier!!  It's not worth staying unhappy!

I've learned so much on my travels, but one thing I'm still working on is cutting down my sugar - well, we all have our vices!

There are a lot of other great lessons that I learned, but we'll just stick with those 5 for now!  Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Love, Buddy

P.S. I was so good at telling my story that we wrote a book about it - do you want to find out how to tell your story?  Click below!