*How To* Convert a FB Live to YouTube Video

There are so many platforms to choose from now on social media, but video is a vital part of that mix!  Whatever you choose, learn and implement that training so you become an expert in that niche - THEN you can keep adding skills from the cornucopia of options, which is overflowing with other options to improve your marketing!

FB Lives are really great - you connect immediately with your audience and there is an energy that you cannot get from regular, recorded video.  The problem is...  after you've recorded your video, it becomes buried in your timeline and is not as usable as it COULD be if you download it!

When I first began recording FB Lives, I immediately began thinking of other ways to utilize the recordings.  My thoughts naturally went to creating a YouTube channel from these videos - it wasn't that much more work, but presented information that could be sent out in an entirely new platform!  

I've then used that video from my YouTube channel on Twitter and Instagram - and also shared that back onto FB!  There are so many ways to use content that you recorded once!


Since none of these free social media sites are owned by YOU...  I would recommend keeping a backup copy of videos both online (cloud, Google drive, etc) and offline.  Just to be safe!  I have briefly had my YouTube Channel suspended - and there are quite a lot of videos on it!  But I had backups of my videos to recreate a channel if push came to shove.  Luckily, my account was reinstated (with no explanation as to why the account was suspended, OR why it was lifted!!).  

In the video below, I go through the steps of saving a video that was recorded on FB Live and then uploading it into my YouTube channel.  While you can use multiple devices to simulaneously record on multiple platforms, it's really helpful to be able to reuse a FB Live video in other ways! 


I have a free gift for you, for just stopping by...  

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I can't wait to see your FB Lives showing up on your other platforms, what a great use of your time and resources!  Have a great time finding new possibilities!