*How To* Gain Momentum for 2017

As 2016 draws to a close, many of us are looking for a fresh start in the upcoming year.  With the coming of a new year are new possibilities, new opportunities and a clean slate.  That's not to say we cannot start new ANY day of the year!  (Or that we should not!)

Are you one of those people?  Do you wanting something new to start happening in your life??  It's all up to you, don't wait for someone to come along with a magic pill to get you going in the right direction.      

But there is help - you do not have to do it alone

Tread in the steps of those that have gone before you.

One such pioneer in the field of online marketing is Mark Harbert.  I recently listened to one of Mark's live phone calls - and it was SO inspiring, I felt compelled to share it with you!  It consisted of two simple points for you to Gain Momentum in 2017.  Simple, yet profound!  

People are either moving toward pleasure, or moving away from pain.

Only 20% of people are moving toward pleasure, while 80% are moving AWAY from pain!!

Being in a terrible situation can be the catalyst - and, obviously, IS in most instances - to create that new beginning in your life.  It's what we call the BREAKING POINT.  And it's not a fun place to hang out.  

I know that point, as do many others.  Mark's success grew from that point of pain - which for him was being BROKE.  In 2010, he only had $7 in his bank account!  He wanted to purchase a $10 eBook on video marketing, but could not come up with that on his own - so he went in on the purchase with a partner.


He didn't even have the $10 to buy that eBook.  That's a low point.  But have you been there?  I have a feeling many of you have.  It's a place of anxiety and hopelessness.    


He did not let that define him.  Instead, he and his business partner pooled their money to buy that eBook.  Mark ABSORBED all the book had to offer, then applied it.  In only 90 days, he had his first 5-figure month.  

Not because he was lucky.

But because he learned, worked hard, and applied that knowledge.  

Mark continues to lead today, using a system that has helped many move away from their pain source.  

If you haven't reached it yet, don't get to that point.  

If you ARE there.  I'm telling you, this is how to get out.  

I will gladly tread in those steps.  So, check them out these two tips below.  

But I have to warn you - only continue if you want to become successful.  

If you don't, I wish you the best of luck and maybe our paths will cross sometime in the future.


No matter the length of time it takes to achieve - 2 years, 5 years, or 10...  It does not matter.  FOCUS ON THE END GOAL.


Write down what drains your Energy.


What is holding you back?  What is your "pain"?  A toxic relationship, bills, unresolved issues?  No matter where we are in life, there is always something holding us back from getting to the next level!

Don't ignore these!  Address those Energy Drains.  So you can reach a

Whole... 'Nother... Level...

It's difficult to run when there is a chain around your ankle - cut it loose so YOU CAN RUN!



What are your fears?  Everyone is afraid of something!  Are you afraid of being successful?  Dig a little deeper to find out why...

To you, does success mean speaking in front of a large crowd?  Are you terrified of this thought?  That will HOLD YOU BACK FROM SUCCESS.  The fear of ridicule or rejection will HOLD YOU BACK FROM SUCCESS.

How do you overcome FEAR?  



Write down your fears.


Take each and create a positive affirmation by writing the antithesis.  See examples below:  

  • Fear:  I am afraid of being successful.  
  • Affirmation:  I AM successful.  
  • Fear:  I will be ridiculed for my dreams.
  • Affirmation:  Because of my hard work, my dreams are coming true!
  • Fear:  I can't do it.
  • Affirmation:  I AM doing it, because I am worthy.

This should be present tense and should use action & positive words to reinforce.  Speak as though it is already happening.  Speak it aloud.  Speak it often.  Speak it with CONVICTION!  SPEAK IT INTO EXISTENCE!

The worst thing you can do is IGNORE your fears.  That is what we call Denial - it's not just a river in Egypt!  If you sweep crap under the rug - the crap is still there!

They are YOUR dreams - own them.  DO NOT take others' opinions into account when working on YOUR dreams.  

Is 2017 going to be the year you make positive changes in your life?  

Be committed to the end goal.  Don't quit!