Resolutions for the New Year

“Folio,” from the Latin folium or “leaf” has three meanings, all related to books and printing.  The general meaning of “leaf” is simply a page, or sheet from a book.  

At the beginning of each year, we hear about resolutions, or goals, to accomplish by a certain time in the next year – also referred to as “turning over a new leaf.”  We can turn the page, or leaf, in our lives and see a blank page, fresh with possibilities! 


We may take advantages of new beginnings any day of the year - as long as we don't focus only on the past!  Do not call to mind the former things, or ponder things of the past.  

Don’t be stuck because of things that were done in the past, or you’ll never move forward.  We have new, better things to do, if we only decide to.  If our focus is ACCOMPLISH new things, we will be shown ways to carry out these plans. 

At the beginning of each year, there is a big movement to set New Year’s resolutions and make ourselves better – whether this is losing weight, learning a new skill, or creating a new habit.

While numbers may slightly vary, these are the success rates:

75%       Maintain a resolution through the first week

71%       Are able to maintain past two weeks

64%       Maintain past one month. 

(The reasons 1 in 3 people “ditch their vows” by the end of January are being too busy or not being committed their goals in the first place.)

46%       Are able to go past six months


Just acknowledging and making resolutions can make you much more successful than never setting a goal. 

Ten times more likely, in fact. 

This is if you are proactive and set a plan in place.


The younger you are, the more likely you are to achieve your resolution. 

39% of people in their twenties achieve their resolution each year, while only 14% of those over 50 accomplish their resolution goal.

According to Forbes magazine, only 8% achieve their New Year’s resolutions!

Many do not finish what they set out to do.  As those that cannot maintain a resolution beyond a month, maybe many are too busy or not fully committed to their goals in the first place.

Top 10 New Year’s resolutions:

10           Spend More Time with Family

So many of us would like to spend more time with family, but still need to earn an income.  Think outside the box in how you may able to do this.  There are so many businesses now you can either do on the side or with which you can even create a full-time career opportunity.  Don't discount these, just because they don't currently fit within your beliefs - you can design any future YOU would love!


9             Fall in Love

              I'm going to twist this a little...  fall in love with YOURSELF, all over again!  We define ourselves many times by our job/career, family, hobbies.  But sometimes need to just get down to our core beliefs and remember what makes us, "us."  If you cannot hear that within yourself, you cannot help others to uncover their truth - which leads me to #8!

8             Help Others with their Dreams

Do not grow weary in doing good.

Don’t only help someone if it will further yourself.

No matter one’s station in life – we are to help.

Give to the one who begs from you, and do not refuse the one who would borrow from you.

I feel very called to this particular "resolution."  It's been something I've come to really become committed to doing (which is part of the reason you're reading this Blog!).  It feels right to my heart.

7             Quit Smoking

We all have our vices, whether it be eating too much food, smoking, anything in excess – but should all strive to keep our bodies healthy and pure.  You must honor your body.

6             Learn Something Exciting

There is SO much that is so exciting happening in this miracle we call life, that it’s really difficult to spotlight just one.  Joy!  Overcoming!  Miracles!  Hope!  Life is EXCITING!

I have come to learn that LEARNING is so exciting!  Because I discover new things that I can then pass along to others - keep spreading the excitement!  It's what makes life fulfilling.

5             Staying Fit and Healthy

The healthier our bodies are, the more they enable us to be able to teach and enable us to help others.  This includes our minds.  Focusing some time each day on both is a MUST.  A great way to start this is FIRST THING each day.  Begin your by meditating on Gratefulness and Goals.  Solidify your purpose.  Follow that immediating by exercising.  Get your sweat on!  Don’t do either in a half-hearted way!  Drink lots of water, give your body enough sleep and fuel it with greatness!  

4             Enjoy Life to the Fullest

I’ve often seen the phrase: tomorrow is never promised.  This is a concept written about by King Solomon (dates of reign circa 971-930 BC).  Proverbs 27:1 “Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring.” 

Do not worry about the “unfair” things in the world, such as prosperity by someone else.  Don’t worry about what things you cannot change.  Enjoy your life.  There is "nothing better for a person under the sun than to eat and drink and be glad.  Then joy will accompany them in their toil all the days of the life God has given them under the sun."  CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!

3             Spend Less, Save More

               In some cases, we should give more – but in an uncommonly great way

You should use whatever gift(s) you have received to serve others.  Whatever gifts those may be, whether a talent, or money, use them wisely.

2             Getting Organized

Choas creates chaos, order creates order!  Look around and see which you are creating.  

I'm going to repeat that.  Look around and see which YOU are creating!

You can take daily steps to gain order and then maintain that relatively easily.  

If you have goals - and you may be taking steps to accomplish this - and you have no plan or "road map"...  it may be all for naught.  

Create your list of written goals.  Then focus on action items to accomplish the end result.  If you maintain this order, you will feel more at ease and will achieve much more quickly and easily!

1             Lose Weight

               Eat healthy foods and stay hydrated.

Be mindful of what you eat and drink.  Have self-control.  Be mindful of how you FEEL after you eat and drink.  

Does your action reflect your thoughts on what you put into your body?  This could be in regard to eating kosher, organic, vegan, etc.  If your mind is not in alignment with what you are putting into your body, the results will not be successful.  

I am diabetic, so I must be watchful about what I put into my body.  A food that someone else eats may be a poison for MY body.  

Be mindful of what you put into your body.

Those are the top resolutions for ringing in the new year.

Past statistics show that 73% of people gave up before meeting their goal.

What is YOUR ultimate goal?  

A goal of mine is to continue to improve my mind so that it may manifest those changes outwardly...  and to affect others in a positive way through that journey.  

In the end, we want to have completed our ultimate life’s resolution.  

We are commissioned to teach and watch.  

This is our legacy.


Accomplish this most amazing resolution.

Your life depends on it.  

Have a wonderful and blessed 2017!

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