Accelerate Your Success... by setting SMART Goals!

Have you ever struggled at successfully reaching your GOALS?  You aren't quite sure where to begin...  so you make a half-hearted attempt at some New Year's Resolutions (because, that's what you're supposed to do, right?)...  only to have your momentum fizzle out by the 3rd week of the year - if you're LUCKY!  But you think to yourself:

I've always heard no one can keep their New Year's Resolutions...  so I'm just like everyone else!

Today, I'm going to break that down for you - why you SHOULDN'T set New Year's Resolutions and what you SHOULD do!  Baby, it's time to get OFF the Struggle Bus!!

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Accelerate Your Success in 2017!!

Would you love to ACCELERATE your Greatness in 2017?  Or just maintain the status quo??  If your answer is the latter, it's been real, but you might as well just go watch funny videos on the internet.  'Bye!

Don't keep reading.  I mean it.

Ok.  Since you're still here, I can assume you DO want to realize your greatness and you DO want to do that sooner than later!  I mean, really - why wait?!

So let's just get started.

Why is it a magical time when the snow is falling and you see the white-covered world in a pristine state - before anyone walks on it?  Just sparkling and FRESH, with maybe only a few rabbit tracks having disturbed the powder.  

It's pure and unspoiled.  Virgin, untouched.  It makes the world appear to be FULL of POSSIBILITIES.  We all know what snow looks like when it's been around for a week or two - especially if it's near a roadway.  It's dirty and we're tired of looking at it.  The MAGIC is gone!

It can sometimes seem difficult to maintain that MAGIC.  Let's face it, you're not going to be at the height of your excitement every minute of every day!  And that's ok - but have a baseline level you will absolutely not let yourself go below (your "must-do" activities for the day!).  

Also, you need a contingency for the days your plan goes off-track - because it will.  But if you have a plan that INCLUDES that and tells you how to get right back on-track, you will be unstoppable.  

In order to be UNSTOPPABLE, you must work on a few key components.

Wait, did she say,"Work"??????

Yes.  YES, I did.  I don't care if you sit around ALL day, thinking and manifesting something great into happening for you...  not gonna happen if you ONLY think and WISH for it!  (Again, if you don't want to put forth any work...  cue "funny internet videos" & walk away from success.)

But, speaking of a funny video to also illustrate my point...

Burgess Meredith as Grandpa Gustafson in Grumpier Old Men DOES have a point!!  And, he has such an eloquent way of communicating that!

Setting resolutions at the beginning of the new calendar year is a knee-jerk reaction to you being in PAIN!  (This can either be mental, emotional OR physical anguish!!)  You think of a few that are bothering you the most, but don't set up a plan to follow through.  There's also so much BUILD-UP to this point - THE NEW YEAR!!  It's an all-or-nothing mindset, most of the time.  

And you're just setting yourself up to fail!

Why do that to yourself?

Please keep in mind that you can "begin again" any day of the year.  This day is not a special, magical day that gives you a clean slate.  Begin your goal any day of the year, but set yourself up... 

FOR SUCCESS creating a plan.  It's just logical, guys.  (Spock would be proud.)  

Three Keys you need to acclerate your Success are:


I'm not going to get into detail about those today, but just know they are important and that they are the foundation to getting those goals under way.

Get your pad and pen and WRITE down these goals.  You can make tweak them until you get to a set of goals that works for you - the first thing you write down doesn't have to be set in stoe.  Be thoughtful about what you write.  Putting your goals into words - into black and white - is the first step to making them REAL.

When writing your goals, use present-tense language.  (It's all happening!)  Break them down so they are easy to understand.  See examples below:

GOAL:  Become healthier this year.  DO: Break this down into smaller action steps:  

  1. I am eating healthy foods (supported by you BUYING healthy foods).
  2. I measure out serving sizes, according to the package, so I know how much I am eating.
  3. I love to walk for exercise.  I am walking at least 10,000 steps a day to meet my goal of becoming healthier.

GOAL:  I want to work from home full time.  DO: Ask yourself additional questions prior to setting achievable goals:

  1. Why do I want to work from home/own my own business?  

    • I would like to be here more for my family.  
    • I want to create my own economy.  
    • I would like to create a side income to help out with expenses.  
    • It's always been my dream to own my own business.
  2. Will I be able to hold myself accountable if I have no one else to answer to?  

    • Yes, I've always been a self-motivated person.  OR
    • No, but I know where I can find an accountability partner to help motivate me in times of weakness.
  3. What type of business do I want to own?  

    • Listen to your passion - and always research your options well!
  4. How much money must I make per year to work from home? 

    • My goal is to make $100,000 per year from my home-based business.  Does this seem too VAGUE?!  See additional breakdown below!

DO: Break this down into smaller action steps:  

  1. If you want to earn $100,000/year in your home-based business, you really need to BREAK IT DOWN into an amount that your brain will easily understand.  $100,000 can be an intangible number, thus will not give you motivation to get there.  So, let's do a little math!  Divide $100,000 down by month, week, or even daily:  $100,000/365 = appx $274/day.  
  2. Write down the possible ways to MAKE INCOME in your business.  (How do you get to $274/day?)  Review the compensation from your business to see how this is possible.  Do you have certain recurring monthly income (also known as Residual Income)?  Are there particular products that are a 1-time purchase, but that you cannot continuously count on?
  3. Write down the ACTIVITIES you would need to do to create income.
  • Create content. 
    • I am blogging every day for at least 6 months.  
    • I am blogging at least 3 times a week.  
    • I put together an outline for a webinar today.  
    • I scheduled my next newsletter to be broadcast.)
  • Prospect.  
    • I actively "meet" at least 10 new people every day - whether in person or online.  
    • I syndicate my blog posts.  
    • I provide great content for others without an ulterior motive, other than just to provide great value.
  • Actively learn.  
    • I attend a hangout and a webinar every week.  
    • I regularly attend my coaching sessions.  
    • I am getting #betterandbetter !!  

Surround yourself with people that will pull you up instead of keep knocking you down!  

You owe it to yourself and it will make all the difference in the world!

Notice the verbiage I use when stating the goals after each point.  

I is not an "I will" statement, it is an "I am" statement.

Once you've set up your goals, place a reminder on your calendar to auto-remind you to review your goals - I would recommend a weekly and a monthly review, so you stay on track!  

Keep the steps below in mind in creating S.M.A.R.T. goals!!

  • S - SPECIFIC  Be clear.  Define your goal thoroughly.
  • M - MEASURABLE  This should be something you can quantify.  Reverse engineer the # if needed (we did above!).
  • A - ATTAINABLE  While your goals should stretch you, they need to fall within your available resources, knowledge and time.  (But if you need to INCREASE knowledge, for instance, to reach your goal - THEN DO THAT!)
  • R - RELEVANT  Your goals must match your core beliefs.  
  • T - TIME-BASED  Give yourself enough time to reach the goal (don't set yourself up to fail.)  BUT appoint a deadline to the goal.  If you don't have a deadline, you're not committing to the completion of your goal.

BE S.M.A.R.T.  !!

I'm going to push you one more step.  Become a part of a community that is a great support on this journey and will give you a WEALTH of tools to use.  This will give you the ULTIMATE in acceleration!

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