How to Create an EMPOWERING Vision Board

I recently created my own EMPOWERING Vision Board.  Have spent a TON of time on Pinterest in the past - oh, honey, you don't even know!  Hours upon hours.  That was BEFORE I started getting productive with my time!  

So, you could say I have a GIANT Vision Board on Pinterest!  The natural thing to me when beginning my Vision Board was to just create a new board on Pinterest.  It's called MY VISION BOARD, which, I know is a terribly clever name!   

The goal was still to be simple and straightforward, but did include in this some ways in which I could accomplish the Vision.  I love this idea, and I can add to it, anywhere, and at will.  

But I felt I was missing that tangible, in-your-face factor that a physical board could provide.  Many create boards by gluing/taping/adhering on some way to a posterboard, foamboard or in a notebook.  Others use plastic sleeves in a notebook.  

I've used the board that you'll see at the end of this post - I can easily change out an image that doesn't resonate with me and fine-tune, if needed.  This look resonated with me.  

There's really no wrong way.

I've taken my interests, beliefs, wants, goals, thoughts and really simplified them into images that are powerful to me.  In concentrated form.  

The way in which I think about this is how I was taught to use "concepts" in design while in school.  There is meaning behind everything (even things you may purposefully leave out).  

To really dig deep, I thought about several concepts that drive me at the core.  

  • copper & patina process
  • blues & greens (psychology)
  • natural materials
  • forgiveness of self
  • inner, then outer development (transparency/overlap)

What concepts, colors, beliefs, etc really are meaningful to you?  They have been a part of your thought process and actions probably for years, though you may not have ever before fully defined or examined them.  

That was a realization that came about when I pulled out my portfolio from college - created 16 years ago and many of the same basic elements I love still ring true today.  The images below are a few pages I wanted to share - I felt they really tied in with my overal marketing & branding.

The images I've used on my Vision Board all have meaning, and I wanted to share some thoughts with each image.  The images you decide to use don't have to have a deep philosophical meaning, but they need to feel right for your board.  You'll know it when you see it!

As I've learned more about Mindset and creating a daily routine - I've found GRATITUDE to be an extremely important ingredient for success.  One of the first, if not the VERY first, thing to do upon waking in the morning is focusing on everything you are grateful for in your life.

Gratitude DOES change everything!

The painting below by Lori Portka is something I came across and was beautiful to me in so many ways.  This speaks to my artistic side, is textural and earthy and most of all - the message speaks to my heart.  

In many ways throughout my life, I felt many decisions I made were to appease someone else - I was okay with them, but not PASSIONATE.  It's time to UNLEASH that passion and really be vested in my direction in life.  Floating through life just isn't an option any more.  This may seem selfish, but I deserve it.  I deserve to be true to myself.

This snapshot of my dream home really spoke to me in many ways - not only have I never owned my own home...  But the design of it is created by elements I love.  It's a timber home, so it's warm and earthy, open but also inviting.  Natural finishes are the icing on the cake!

The snapshot in the center of my board is a photo of me when I was a WEE little tot, not quite old enough to sit up myself!

There were some POWERFUL statements in an audio I listened to recently.

First, if there are unresolved issues you may have from childhood - be the parent your inner child needs you to be.  Validate the emotions of that child.  

Second, protect that child.  This image was placed onto the CENTER of my board, to remember to treat myself (and keeping in mind how OTHERS treat me) in the way I would treat that child.  Would I tell them they are a failure or talk negatively to them?  If I wouldn't do that to a child, I shouldn't do that to myself.  That child hears everything you say to yourself.  

You need YOU in your corner.  So say nice stuff to yourself.

This may be a bit of an extension of the concept above, but again - requiring myself to adhere to this thought process.  I've heard this concept by a particular spiritual teacher.  For everything you do, every decision you make...  ask youself this question.  #profound

I've placed a holiday card on the board from a wonderful woman I knew a few years back.  We are no longer in touch, but I've always kept that card in sight, since the message is very special and it came from a beautiful place.  

This is my wish for you:

Peace of mind, prosperity through the year, happiness that multiplies, health for you and yours, fun around every corner, energy to chase your dreams.

This beautiful rainbow of healthy fruits and vegetables are here to show me the delicious, wonderful ways to fuel my body.  I remember, by seeing this, that these make me feel great and provide me with the vitamins and minerals and other great stuff my body needs.  Gorgeous, baby!  (And they'll make you the same way, from the inside out!)

There is an image of copper with a patina, which is my thought of life as we process.  Copper begins as this amazing, beautiful mineral from the earth with many uses, both as a metal and also necessary inside the body.  It's vital.

As outside forces come into contact with copper, over time, an equally beautiful patina occurs.  It's a chemical reaction in which a thin coating covers the copper produced by the introduction of oxygen and other elements.  The patina of copper is a combination of blues & greens, which vibrate against the copper tone.

The colors blue and green also resonate with me, but I will go into the pschology of that color at a later date!  (But you'll see that is clear, as you see the design and color I have chosen for branding.)

Two specific places to travel...  I wrote yesterday about travel and will be creating a future post on international travel, because...  I feel it's very important in realizing a full existance on this earth and you also gain much insight when you are traveling.  

I've include an image of Santorini, Greece - that is a place I will travel, because that looks like such an amazing place.  Beautiful.  Also included is an image of Venice, Italy - I have been to Venice a couple of times and will return.  It's just magical, and well, they have amazing olive oil!  

Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece

Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

Nearly at the end of my journey, but what kind of self-inspection would this be if I didn't include love?!  My love relationship is to be full of happiness, contentment, equality (showing as us walking side-by-side), and the ability to enjoy each other.  We are healthy and energetic.  Walking into the sunset is a cliche, but you get the idea!  Vibrational match, not conflicting.  Love.  

I am a recovering all-or-nothing kind of person, so this quote gives me permission to begin again if I get off track.  

TODAY is the day to focus on.  To START fresh.  To BE.  

I am grateful for this permission.

This was more in-depth than I get sometimes (and possibly was a little self-indulgent in the process!) but this just got my mind really diving a little deeper into why I chose what I chose!  I believe a thoughtful process was important for me.  

This Vision Board was more conceptual and less about "stuff" than some - my goal isn't a Ferrari, it's more about how I grow as a person.  And that fulfillment.  I do have goals in mind, but in some ways didn't want to be TOO specific - because the more the specific you are, the more your mind looks for just THAT.  If something, someone, an experience has the qualities I desire, in most instances, I'm not as concerned with that package that comes in.  Choose wisely!

Tomorrow, we will continue the journey into the Vision Board - more of a tutorial or "how to" list for you to create YOUR empowering Vision Board!

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