What Resonates with You?

Music has always had a strong presence in my life, it evokes such a strong connection to memories.  Just last night, I was listening to a Billy Joel song and it brought tears out that I didn’t know were just beneath the surface. 

You see, it brought memories of my Dad that is now gone.  It wasn’t even the song itself, but the circumstances under which I had listened to Billy Joel so many times.  An era long gone.

Amazing, our brains here a note or two and be swept back into a prior decade, when life and time were so different.  A haunting melody or simple chord progression, particular lyrics or a voice from a favorite singer may take you away.

This happens all of the time to me, although some days like today I couldn’t quite find the genre I was searching for.  Quite a span was covered, from a hard rock playlist I’ve created called “Make Your Ears Bleed” to Cuban piano music, Roxette and Alanis, but I just couldn’t quite find what was resonating with me today.  So I just listened to everything!

I wanted to share this duo that was on my youtube playlist – I love it because it’s unique and beautiful.  Enjoy.

What resonates with you as you travel through life?

What are your interests that you'd like to spend more time on/with?

Do you want to spend more time with your family?

Are you lining up your Vision/Goals/Actions to accomplish your life-long dreams?

Are you now in a position to move closer to your dream life?   

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