3 Ways to Minimize Distractions

You're working on your task - and it requires a fair bit of concentration.  But you're in the 


Ideas flow easily there and everything is tying neatly together.  UNTIL...  


Following that distraction, it's SO difficult to get back into the flow.  Distractions cost.  And they cost a LOT.  It actually takes 

23 minutes and 15 seconds

to get back into the flow.  (If, at all.)

And you and I both know:  Time is money, baby.  Time is money.

So what will help you GET into the flow and STAY there.  Check out the 3 tips below!

Block out chunks of time on your calendar

Actually put these into your calendar.  (If you don't put into your calendar, you have no intention of actually doing it!)  Um...  I didn't see you put it on your calendar.  I'll just wait RIGHT hereeeeeeeee...  

Ok, you did it.  See, that wasn't too painful, right?!  

This chunk of time is a "distraction-free" zone.  No checking texts, emails, FB, Twitter, or whatever endless other time-suckers to which you may be vulnerable.  They can wait while you complete your SCHEDULED tasks.  

Determine where & when you're most productive

Are you an EARLY BIRD or a NIGHT OWL?  

Do you work best at the COFFEE SHOP or your HOME OFFICE?

Determine what fits well with YOU and that is the time you need to allocate for concentrated work.  And then (see #1), schedule your tasks during that time.

Grow up

That one got your attention, didn't it?!  

Tim Pychyl, a psychology professor at the Carleton University in Ontario, Canada & author of Solving the Procrastination Puzzle calls this 6-year-old logic:

I don't know where we learn this, but somehow we internalize the notion that our motivational state has to match the task at hand.  We don't feel like doing something, and we think that's a reason.

Distraction and procrastination go hand-in-hand.  Don't put off important tasks because you're not "in the mood."  It's not going be more fun tomorrow!  Put on your big-girl (or boy) panties, put it on your calendar RIGHT NOW! (Hint, see #1!) and just do it.  #keepinitreal 

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