Mind Over Matter

Viewing parkour is seeing graceful motion, almost a dance, with one movement easily becoming the next. 

It’s as if the person performing parkour is free from the restraints of their physical body. 

The other night, I watched the movie The Tracers and was blown away by the fluid movement of this practice.  It originated in French military obstacle training, taking the person from point “A” to point “B” in the most efficient way possible.  The body is propelled over, under, through, or around all obstacles utilizing the momentum of the body. 

Movements that take one through space may include climbing, rolling, vaulting, jumping, swinging, using quadrupedal movement, and various other forms of movement and is typically paired with freerunning. 

Freerunning allows the participant to fully express oneself by fluidly moving through the space.  There is a great degree of confidence needed to be successful – if you think you will fall…  you will.  If you think you can easily overcome all obstacles in your path and land with a sure footing every time…  YOU CAN

Someone practicing parkour is called a traceur, or a tracer, which refers to the person tracing a line across the landscape through the environment, whether that may be urban, or architecture, or in a rural setting.  They are articulating themselves through that space via movement.

The physical mastery of parkour is only one of the sides of this activity, as it is also highly mentally challenging.  The tracer must see their environment in a different light, and very quickly imagine the potential ways to make their way through each space. 

“Look where the car ISN’T.”

This is a mental game.

“You have to constantly push past what you THINK you can do or you are constantly stuck.”

Have you figured out how to move toward your goals in a way that is seemingly so easy and fluid?  That others may see and take note of the freedom you have discovered by your confidence?  

You will see those obstacles, but they are no longer obstacles.  Now they are the benchmarks you use to propel yourself to the next and the next, until you have flawlessly reached your destination. 

You have confidently visualized yourself landing on those impossible destinations with ease.  You land with the exhilaration of someone that has a mastery over their thoughts, demanding that they take them to their goals and dreams safely and swiftly. 

Train the body and mind.  

Push past fears and limits.  

No rest until I’m done.

Start to see your obstacles which are now benchmarks which will propel you forward!

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