10 Little-Known Reasons You Lack Self-Confidence (and What To Do About It) - PART TWO!

Have you ever noticed someone enter the room and you notice they have a certain je ne sais quoi?  Others move out of their way when they confidently stride through the space.

They are oozing with confidence...  would you love to be that confident?  A heightened confidence level can be a foundation you build upon to propel you into that amazing person you always wanted to be!  

You will draw like people to you and great career opportunities will reveal themselves.

I wanted to cause you to think about why you may be lacking self-confidence.  

But that's really of no use, unless you also gain some tips on how to GAIN that confidence.   

If you want to catch tips #1 - #5, check out yesterday's Blog post!  I think you'll be surprised!

And check out the rest of the list below!

You are being a perfectionist.

If you are a perfectionist, by definition, NOTHING will EVER be good enough.  I'm not suggesting you lower your standards, but get to a point of regularly finishing something and MOVING ON.  Allowing perfectionism to dictate your life will make you stuck.  Focus on things that are PRETTY AWESOME but know that it is IMPOSSIBLE to be PERFECT.  


Listen.  I am a recovering perfectionist with a Type A personality.  It can be a challenge.  But having pride in YOU and what you have accomplished - and moving forward from it will not only allow you to grow, but also instill in yourself confidence.

You're not doing affirmations.

Either you are simply not saying affirmations, or...  you don't believe them, or...  they aren't statements that resonate with you.  

Sure, you may remember SNL back in the day, when Stuart Smalley was self-affirming for the world to see...  and it made us chuckle.  

But it really IS powerful to speak aloud the things you want to imprint onto your brain - and do this at least DAILY.  If you are making a statement and it's not ringing true for you, you may tweak it to align with your goals.  However, what you speak will not yet be in existence.  Speak it aloud to bring that closer to reality.  

A great affirmation that would be great for EVERYONE is:


Because most of us don't YET believe that.  And we should - our SELF is the person we spend our entire life with!  Shouldn't we love ourselves??  If nothing else, please speak THIS truth into existence!


If you begin to believe this, that is manifesting the ultimate in self-confidence.

You are not complimenting enough and/or not receiving compliments graciously.  

Compliment someone else every day.  (Or two, or three!  It could be a stranger!)  And be sincere.  It's a no-brainer that you will make their day and build THEIR confidence.  That is reason enough.  But there is a satisfaction that grows when you build up someone else, and that instills even more confidence in yourself.  It's beautiful.

What do YOU do when someone else compliments you?  Do you ignore it?  Do you make excuses or just brush it off?  

Some examples of what I mean:

  • "You did a great job on your presentation!"  Lacking response:  "I worked hard on it, but it still wasn't very good - did you see the mistakes on slides 5 & 24???"
  • "Hey, I appreciate you helping out around the house."  Lacking response:  "Well, you would complain if I didn't..."
  • "You look beautiful!"  Lacking response:  "..."
  • "You are so talented!"  Lacking response:  "I didn't really do anything..."

Accepting a compliment with grace is a skill that everyone should hone.  Smile, look them in the eye, and simply say,"Thank you."  "I appreciate you."  "Thanks for noticing!"

"Accept" also means "believe."  When you accept a compliment, you are telling that person you believe what they are pointing out about you - a positive thing about yourself.

Own it.  Be confident in receiving that. 

You're not prepared.

Be organized and knowledgeable on the things you do.  When beginning an endeavor, you will not be an expert - not even close!  So learn one thing at a time and do that WELL.  You will feel confident in your new knowledge, because you have spent time learning.  

Plan ahead.  If you have things ready to go, you will feel calm and confident.  


You are not setting achievable goals and/or celebrating these!

There are three ways in which you could set goals.  

TOO BIG...  Set a very unrealistic goal that is TOTALLY out of reach for you - setting you up for failure, even before you begin!  

TOO SMALL...  Set a goal for yourself that is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too easy to accomplish (you may already posses the skills to accomplish, even before you begin)...  this may set you up to be arrogant, when in fact you didn't learn anything at all!

JUST RIGHT!  Set a goal for yourself that you will be able to attain when you follow the right steps, BUT it will also stretch your skills and you as a person!

Kind of like Goldilocks & the 3 Bears...  you want to find that sweet spot!

If you are setting goals that stretch you, but you ARE able to accomplish, you will feel confident with each skill you learn, each task you accomplish.  You will feel AWESOME!

SO, CELEBRATE!  Even the small victories deserve a celebration - maybe sharing that with a friend or with others in your field (they can appreciate your victories, since they understand!).  A BIG victory could be going on a vacation to celebrate!  But do celebrate each landmark.  It will keep up your enthusiasm!

I hope some of these tips help you to recognize Why You Lack Self-Confidence...  

but ESPECIALLY What To Do About It !!

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