Yoga, the Body - Mind Connection

This seemed like an appropriate post for today.  It's the weekend and a wonderful time to decompress!  Also woke up this morning in PAIN.  When it hurts just lying there...  up and into a hot shower is the answer!  But there will DEFINITELY be yoga happening today.  Maybe a couple of times!

Mindset is HUGE when working to improve yourself.  But...  don't ignore your body and the signals it sends.  You'll find a unique body - mind connection in the practice of yoga.


Yoga is a buzzword and huge movement in the exercise/meditation niche these days… 


But what can it do for you?


It is a way to become fulfilled internally.  Our society is used to being entertained, at a fast pace and jumping from one thing to the other.  At what cost? 

Yoga can bring you back to center and listen to you and what your body is telling you.    

I am a beginner myself, learning as I go.  After doing it for only a few days, I could begin to feel health benefits – locked muscles were beginning to loosen.  For example, my calves are so tight that it was causing plantar fasciitis, major pain in my feet!  This was beginning to be remedied almost instantaneously by use of the downward dog pose.

What is yoga? 

“A Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practiced for health and relaxation.”


Overall, it can feel great, but also specific poses can address specific BODY issues, which I think is fascinating!  Simply moving your body in a specific way can help HEAL your body.  I love that!

Below are a few listed common ailments and a pose to facilitate overcoming the issue.

*Images from

Try out a program online – there are many youtube step-by-step videos you can follow.  Do what you can and don’t feel badly if you can only do part of the movement.  With each step and each time you practice, you will increase movement incrementally.  With each stretch, you are unlocking your body and ultimately reducing pain.

30 Day Yoga challenge with Adriene is a good beginners yoga program and she mixes it up through the 30 days, which makes it more fun!  Because, it should be fun. 

The video below is a pretty AMAZING transformation and it was brought about by yoga.  This man had so much perseverance - he went from falling over when he attempted poses to doing them with confidence and strength.  If you think you can’t do it – you absolutely SHOULD after seeing this video!

I would be remiss if I didn't mention an amazing woman in a post about yoga.  You may think yoga is for someone that is size "00" and can easily wrap a leg around their head.  It's really the opposite...  yoga helps those most that have issues that may be helped by slow and easy, deliberate motions.  If done, consistently, the body becomes more flexible and healthy.  

Jessamyn Stanley is not your "typical" yogi.  She is a plus-sized teacher that urges women of all body types to incorporate yoga into their lives.  (I hate even having to qualify that she is a "plus-size" but labeling to fit into categories we can "understand" is currently part of our society's consciousness...  unfortunately!)

She is an inspiration to anyone - and an empowering force to anyone that is looking to change their body for the better!  

Hope this provided you with inspiration for your day!

Go out and be strong!

*As always, if you are not currently involved in an exercise regimen, check with your doctor before beginning.

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