Follow the Directions, Knucklehead!

It's amazing how things change when you FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS.  

I was just trying to embed a code on my website, it wasn't working, so I tried several times - tried in the video, then as embed.  I closed the site, opened again and logged on and repeated what I did before.

I'm stubborn.  I'll admit it. 

I'm pretty sure I know how to do things without reading the instructions!

Until I don't.

Right by the embed code space, it stated:  If code doesn't embed, click on they symbol and you can manually embed.  I finally read the instructions and did this - and VOILA!  It actually worked..  

Are any of you like this??  Stubborn and want to do things "your way"???  WHY?  Pride?  Stubbornness?

Well, HELLO!  McFly!  It's not the best way!

I have more thoughts on this!  In the video, you'll find out WHO you should be emulating and WHY!


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