3 Ways to Monetize Your Blog

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I belong to multiple blogging syndication groups and yesterday, this post just *SMACKED* me in the face!  This is a question that so many people have!  When I first began, I wondered this, myself!  

The sole purpose of writing, and/or blogging shouldn't necessarily be for making money, however...  if you have an online business you should have a blog.  And, if you have a blog and are in business, it would be awesome if you were making money in this endeavor... 


Even if your blog is in its infancy, it's never to early to plan for what "may be."  (Hint:  don't wait to plan until you have traffic coming down the pike!)  Plan big, so you're ready when it comes!

First, I did answer the person above - I didn't want to leave her hanging.  I explained:

There are various ways to monetize your website, BUT you first must get people there. That is the key - think of a wheel, with your website/blog as the center and all social media platforms are the spokes leading back to the hub. Are you driving traffic to your hub? Once people get to your hub, are they finding information that can provide them with quality information/solutions to problems they are having? You can include in your blog affiliate links or advertising, but gotta get the customers there first. 

But that didn't completely answer her question, so I've put together: 

3 Ways to Monetize Your Blog

Affiliate Marketing

There are many sites you can utilize for affiliate marketing, and you can be an affiliate of more than one at a time.  Do your homework and make sure your opportunities don't overlap - you don't want to have a conflict of interest. 

One popular affiliate program is Amazon Associates.  You can advertise product and receive commissions based on customers buying through your associate link.

I am an affiliate for several companies/platforms.  One of these is a training platform for all types of social media and helps gain leads for all types of business.  (You can check out a 10-day trial to see if this is the right fit for you!)

One word of caution:  if you blog and are paid when someone interacts with your affiliate link, you are required by law to disclose that you will receive compensation as such.  I've created a public page on this blog with said disclaimers/disclosures and can just link to that on my post - rather than including all legalese.  

The page is public, but does not show up in the navigation options at the top of the website.  Check it out, below:


You can easily write your own ebook on your topic of expertise.  It's a popular way to provide great content to your customers and can be tailored to any niche.  This may be leveraged to bring leads for your email list.  Which brings us to #3!

Email List

You should always be building your email list - because it is one of the only things you have control over.  Building rapport with that list is VITAL to the longevity of your business.  It doesn't even have to be a huge list.  But they have to trust you enough that if you tell your customer they need something, they will believe you and go get it!

I have just a little more for you to chew on - a BONUS training for you.  But only if you think you may want to gain a few more tips to help out in your business.

If you are already doing great - then don't worry about it.

We all know by now that it is SO important to grow your email newsletter list.  (Quality is certainly better than quantity, but I don't think any of us would complain if there were a few more people on our lists!)  This is one of the only aspects of our business WE own - that couldn't suddenly disappear tomorrow.  

But even if you only have 100 people on your newsletter list, it is VERY possible to make (great) money online!  

Her results aren't typical or guaranteed, but a housewife-turned multiple 6-figure earner created this process, based on her own success.  My mentor went from spamming her information in the local bathrooms (yikes!) to being able to recruit over 100 people in 72 hours to TWO different business opportunities...  I could go on, but we need to get on to it!  

Click the button below ONLY if you want access to this training (don't bother if your list is doing great already!).

Again for your email list, you must disclose whether you can potentially earn monetary compensation for any links or information you may include in your email.  I've created an "easy button" by including this verbiage in my template.  I use a copy of this template when crafting a new email, so it's there but don't need to "recreate the wheel" each time!

Ain't nobody got time for that!

Below is a snapshot of the bottom part of my email that includes the disclosure:

BONUS: One last way to monetize your blog is consulting/coaching.  You can freelance and monetize your services, sharing your knowledge, strategies and expertise in your area!

I took an opportunity to invest in myself and purchased the 3-minute Expert - this is a course by Ray Higdon, one of the most successful bloggers online today.  It will show you everything he knows about building a 7-Figure Blog including how to set up your blog fast, how to easily create content daily that serves your market even if you're brand new. 

Ray's daily blog action steps to get leads and make money with your blog, and how to become a credible expert in your niche overnight even if nobody knows who you are right now.

Take a moment and invest in yourself!!  

(Because you're worth it!)

Did that information help you to design your blog with some other thoughts in mind?  This is one part of becoming a leader - stepping in, to fill the shoes you're meant to fill!    

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