Top 6 Villains in Network Marketing

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Have you ever heard that...  Nice guys finish last?  Sometimes, that seems true.  And you should put your best, most positive (constructive) self out.  But, sometimes, you must enlist the aid of the Bad Guys.  This post is my take on a recent call by Ryan Cody McMorris entitled:  "Nice Guys Finish Last."

Play the part of the Bad Cop, so the Good Cop can come in and save the day.  Let the Villain come out...  just a little.  So the solution you provide will be that ray of sunshine in the darkness.  It sounds a little counterintuitive.  But bear with me!   

First, a bit of a mindset tweak:  Do not promote things from a place of hate.  Do not promote bad energy.  See the two statement options below - and feel the difference in energy as you say them aloud.  


Why can't people invest $200 in themselves, but they can spend that much on a pair of expensive shoes??  

Listen to how that sounds.  Note the feelings and ideas this produces.


I'm so glad I see the value in people that want to invest in themselves and can see the delayed gratification.

Flip the same statement from a negative viewpoint to a positive viewpoint.  (Passive-aggressive comments and thoughts are NOT productive!)

Don't be SO nice that you're not even making any moves!  Wherever you connect with people, go there.  Go to that place to interact with them. 

Get ready to take notes now...  it will ingrain this into your mind!    

Take a pen, and put some weight on it.  

Think:  Disney.  The Villain propels the story forward.  The Villain is always there.  Everyone you talk with has one of these Villains speaking to them LOUD & CLEAR.  They make your customer squirm and get uncomfortable...  and the notion of getting rid of the "pain" makes them take out their credit card.

There are Villains you may use in your marketing to propel others toward success.  We're either moving away from pain or moving toward pleasure.  You'd assume we would have more of an inclination to move toward pleasure... but moving away from pain is more motivating for most.

So use that information.  Use that motivator to give others a hand-up in life.  Cue the Villains. 

Top 6 Villains in Network Marketing


What are these pain points??  In the world of health and wellness, this may be not being able to pick up your child or grandchild.  Not being able to go up a flight of stairs.  Not being able to physically walk.  

What is the pain point of your audience?  

Bring these up and twist the knife a little!  So they act on your offer to take back their health!


No one wants to ADMIT they are insecure.  People will not share this with you.  It's important to listen to what your prospects SAY to you, but it's even more important to listent to what they DON'T say to you!

What if you lost your job?  And had no plan "B"?  If you have always been a model and no longer are the "hottest" person on the runway?  

These are things that previously defined them as a person.  That is a DIFFICULT place to be!  You can help them move away from that pain point by providing them with a resolution.  


Look up a list of both positive and negative emotions.  When you are contacting people, you should be able to trigger both positive and negative emotions - touch those emotional triggers!  

Think of which emotions you want them to feel LESS and which emotions you would like them to feel MORE!  


NO ONE likes to be alone.  This is a HUGE pain point.  Personality colors - most people are a "yellow" and those people want to be "part of" something.  

1 in 3 adults in the U.S. fear being alone.

It creates a sense of dread...  you could show your audience that they can become a part of a community in which they will NO LONGER be lonely.  Show them there is a support system.  

Be creative.  


People have so many pain points that create an outrage in them - help them get OUT of this place of feeling betrayed!  Point it out, but then show the inverse...  what is the POTENTIAL of getting beyond that painful state-of-mind?!  

They may not yet be able to fathom it!  But you are there to share your story, or the stories of those that have successfully gone on before you!


Fear of loss.  That things won't be around forever. Because they won't.  People aren't around forever.  The offer to propel your life in a great direction - won't be around forever!

{Jump and build your wings on the way down!}  

Don't be AFRAID to use fear in your marketing!

Utilize these Villains in your Marketing!  But don't overwhelm your audience with ALL of them at once, because remember, you're also there to be the GOOD guy - to ride in and save the day!!  

Provide the SOLUTION to that pain point of your customer.  You are here to help.  To ease the pain.  

Share your story - did you have a breakthrough?  Why are YOU where YOU are?  Share!!  

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