Pigs Don't Know Pigs Stink!

I search for and find inspiration from many places.  Although I do not belong to Amway (and never have), the company was a trailblazer in the world of network marketing.    

The recording below is based off of a tape recording that Amway sent out back in the day…  but the information on it is as relevant as ever!!  It’s lengthy but worth the listen.  Load onto your mp3 player and listen while you run errands, work out, or commute to work.  There are SO many great bits of inspirational information you can apply toward your own business and personal life.  Learn the way to effectively speak to and connect with others, learn life perspectives and begin to see how you CAN live life on your own terms.  

Find out what Dave Severn means when he chuckles and says,”Pigs Don’t Know Pigs Stink!’

Enjoy the audio!

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