3 Recruiting Tips for Network Marketers

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These tips will help you.  These tips will also help you create a better niche for you in the industry!!  People that practice these activities (and YOU KNOW them!) tarnish the name of Network Marketing.

Do not brand your company.

DO brand YOU.  Don't doubt who YOU are.  It's not effective!  


  • You'll seem really "pitchy."
  • People will just Google the company {step right around you} or {find the negative aspects of the company.}  Raise curiosity instead.  They don't care about the name, they care about the benefits!  
  • If you have been branding your company and it A) suddenly goes under or B) is no longer a fit for you, so you move on to a better opportunity for YOU...  it will appear that you are flaky, that you are flighty.  By branding yourself, there is a sense of continuity - you will gain the trust of your audience and they'll come to you time and time again.

Never send an unsolicited link.

This could be a signup page, a company link, a link to a video, etc.  


  • People open their email or messenger, and upon seeing the link...  {DELETE}  They're immediately tossing your message.  
  • They will not look at it.  They don't think to themselves,"Oh, I should check this out!  I should thoroughly look at this!"  No.  Just, No.
  • Raise curiosity so people ask for your link & info!  How?
    • Posts, such as:  "I just made this AWESOME green drink and now I'm on FIRE!"  🔥🔥  (Create curiosity and interest.  You said you have more energy, and everyone wants that!  You just found a pain point - people don't have enough energy...  and you provided a solution:  a shake that provides you with more energy.)  

Do not work to recruit someone just because they have a pulse.

Just because someone is human and has a wallet...  DOES NOT mean you have to prospect them!  (Or should.)

Don't try to get someone in your team that is not a fit for you!  Don't give the wrong person your energy!  Why?

  • You will regret it later on.  If it doesn't feel right...  move on.
  • Look for opportunities.
  • Nonchalantly bring up an opportunity at a time it's not "weird."  
  • "It may be a fit for you or not."  You can let them know they can take it or leave it.  You aren't desperate and in need of having them on board.  

{Desperation is NOT the Network Marketing way...}

Is there someone in your family that maybe isn't copacetic?  Has bad energy, etc?  You can't  get rid of them from your family - but you can carefully select who you bring into your Network Marketing Family.  

Isn't that awesome?  

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