How to Increase Visibility in your Network Marketing Business

Would you love to know FIVE ways to increase visibility in your business??  

Well, today you are in LUCK!  

(Maybe not luck so much as you preparing for and placing yourself in the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time to be exposed to this information!)  

Create more content.

Create MORE!  Choose the way in which you will be providing value to others and show up daily!  Some options would be utilizing FB Live, blogging per a set schedule (daily, 3X a week, once a week), or being active on Twitter, just to name a few.  

  • Choose your platform
  • Be consistent
  • Provide quality material

Attend Live events.

This is not limited to physical live events.  Although, I believe that can take you to a new level in your company!  

  • Book your tickets & accommodations to your next company LIVE Event!
  • Show up to events in your community...  and be seen & heard!  Comment!  Interact!  This could include:
  • Be involved.

Utilize video!

Video is part of so many platforms now!  It's the hottest way to market!  It is VITAL for your business.

  • FB Live is now available from your phone or desktop, from your Page or personal profile...  and even incorporates things like free captioning for your video!  (We actually have a BRAND-NEW training available on creating FB Lives and it will *KNOCK* your socks off!)
  • Instagram has capability to do LIVE video, add video clips, or share Your Story!
  • Use live streaming on YouTube to captivate your audience!
  • Periscope can be used for getting your message out.
  • Even Twitter is on-board with providing embedded video links from YouTube, which people LOVE.  

The sky's the limit, just use your imagination!

Be the Teacher

You have the knowledge that someone else needs.  Share it.  You're meant to be that teacher - you MUST be that teacher.  It's not wondering if you've got it.  It's finding the modality with which to use as your teaching platform!

Remember...  the person at the front of the room is the one making money!

So, what can you do to Be the Teacher?  What are ways in which YOU can be the teacher?

Host a...

Become the leader.  Step into those shoes.


You MUST take a massive amount of action.  DOMINATE whatever task you tackle.  Learn it, do it, until you are AMAZING at this task!

Are you now in a position to gain a better mindset???  Become a part of a community that is a great support on this journey and will give you a WEALTH of tools to use to improve yourself and your business!  This will give you the ULTIMATE in building your business!

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