4 Pillars to Life Success

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A successful life requires many things, three of which are dedication, hard work, and balance.  You can bust your hiney in one area of your life, but if you are SO ultra-focused on JUST THAT...  it's great, but other areas of your life may suffer!  

To truly be successful, you must be able to create a balance between these areas in your life.    

Leah Rae Getts recently was on a great WakeUp Call and presented these 

4 Pillars to Life Success

They resonated with me, and I wanted to share them (presented, of course, with my own flair!)...  So many people are really great at one area of life and may struggle in another, it's a really great reminder - first, to work at balancing and second, to gain some idea of how to balance.

You must take an active role in working on these!  You will have times of imbalance, but come back to balance them long-term.  Work to correct imbalances as soon as possible.  

Do you get Tunnel Vision (like I sometimes do!!)???  You will be better at some of these than others.  PLAN how you will do that.  Make a chart.  Make a matrix.  Write it on your calendar.  Whatever works for YOU!!  But you GOTTA DO IT!

I'll see you on the other side!  The Successful, Healthy, Balanced Other Side!!     


Be in tune with your belief system - and I mean daily.  This may mean prayer, meditation, whatever this is to you.  SCHEDULE TIME FOR THIS.  If it's not on your calendar, it means it's not happening.

I was raised with a strong Faith element and do maintain that pretty well - although it does sometimes take work.  Sometimes, I don't feel like it...  and I know it.  I feel it, disconnected.  

A really great time to focus on this is first thing in the morning, when you are centering yourself for the day.


Often in this journey to become successful in home business, the family relationships are what suffers.  

How will you work on these relationships?  Game night?  Date night?  Family Dinners?  

Figure out what this looks like for YOU and YOUR family.  Again, I tend to put on blinders.  I am so focused on what I am needing to do for business or church that I take my personal relationships for granted.

Isn't the entire reason we work on what we work on...  so we can spend more time with loved ones??  So don't destroy those relationships in the process.  Take specific time for those you love.  Uninterrupted time. 


Do you have your business activites scheduled out?  Really adhere to your allotted business hours.  Stay disciplined in that.

Outline your actions you need to take...  to achieve your goal in the timeline you want to achieve your goal!  Reverse engineer this:

How much do you need to make?  What is your goal timeline?  Do the math.  Can you do this?  Or do you need to step it up to get on track to achieve your goals.

Don't get caught up in the "busy work" and forget to maximize your Money Making Activities.  You don't want your flame to burn hot 🔥then burn out before you get to that goal.  


What do you need to be doing to maintain your health while you work toward your success?  Eat healthy, exercise and get enough SLEEP!  

These tend to slip - GUILTY AS CHARGED!!  I get really involved in getting my content and work on that instead of working out first.  But if you are "successful" and your health goes to crap...  are you truly successful?  If you cannot live long enough to enjoy the fruits of your labor???

Keep this under control or it will spiral out of control. 

I am diabetic, so it can be distastrous if I "let it go."  It could be fatal.  It's not worth that - but it's possible to gain balance and "have your cake and eat it, too!"

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