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Since Prospecting is such an important element in any type of sales (in the biz to lift others up, but obviously also to make money!)...  I felt it needed some additional attention!  

3 Recruiting Tips for Network Marketers barely began to scratch the surface, although it contained some solid advice.  😉👊

However, truly diving into recruiting, to me, meant taking a look at a Pro!  I took a look at industry leader Ray Higdon's Top Earner Recruiting Secrets, rather, took a listen...  because this is an audio series.  

You can listen to them while you drive, drop the kids off at school, running around, picking up your Starbux...  but I don't recommend that.  


Because you'll want to take notes!  At least, I did - so now you may not have to.  But check out these tried-and-true tips from someone who HAS applied these techniques and strategies...  and very SUCCESSFULLY, I might add!

These are my biggest takeaways!

Secrets Revealed


Increase your questioning velocity - ask questions at a quicker rate.  Create a rhythm.


  1. You speak with too few people.
  2. You say too much to those you speak with.


"SCRIPT" (Make it your own!)

  1. Are you open to a side project that doesn't interfere with what you are doing?
  2. Well, just curious...  why?  What has changed in your life?  I thought you were doing really well...  or has the economy impacted you in a negative way?

Don't sell yet.  Dig for their need.

Appeal to their higher need.  

{Do you ever get the feeling you were meant to help other people?}

As they share with you their needs...  (And by "they," I mean a human being, not a dollar sign.)  LISTEN.  Repeat what you heard - repeat back their needs.  Then ask,"Were you serious about that?"

If they were serious and if, after being asked, they are interested in hearing more, create a BIC.  This is a Break in Communication - where you can utilize a tool, such as a video, from your company to walk them through the information.  This is important, because it's where the process becomes duplicatable.

You are in Sales.  You are truly Selling them the idea that they can do what YOU DO

Plan ahead - begin your business as if you were working in future.  Think of what you would do if 20 people joined tomorrow.  Does that excite or terrify you?  How would you train them?  Have this planned ahead of time!  


Putting your Vision onto a board, or into a book - whichever format works for you - is POWERFUL.  

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Define and follow a planned routine daily.  This will ensure you get everything completed you need to and that you're not distracted or overwhelmed.

This is a basic routine:  

  1. Meditation (15 minutes)  *breathe*
  2. Mindset (15-30 minutes) <--  the "broker" you are, the more time you should spend 
  3. Affirmations
  4. Create 1 piece of content {Hint:  VIDEO!}
  5. Marketing (30 minutes)

As you become more seasoned, you may tweak this basic routine to fit your growth.


Find the WHY, what keeps driving your prospect forward.  

  1. Why are you open to a home business?
  2. What has recently changed in your life that has you open to a home business?
  3. Have you ever tried a home business?  (The key word here is "tried.")
  4. Why do you think it didn't work out?

Again, repeat back their response.  "What I'm hearing from you is..." OR "It looks to me like..." OR "It feels like in the past, you experienced."  Mirror back their speech.  

solve pain + reach desire

Overcoming objections are also a HUGE part of the prospecting process.  But that is a post for another day!  

to be continued...

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