Prospecting Tips from a Pro! ...Part II

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Since Prospecting is such an important element in any type of sales (in the biz to lift others up, but obviously also to make money!)...  we're continuing down this road today!  

3 Recruiting Tips for Network Marketers barely began to scratch the surface, although it contained some solid advice.  😉👊

As we continue diving into recruiting, we rejoin industry leader Ray Higdon's Top Earner Recruiting Secrets, a great audio series on this topic.  

Check out additional tried-and-true tips from someone who HAS applied these techniques and strategies...  and very SUCCESSFULLY, I might add!

Below are additional strategies to use when prospecting.

If you're just joining the conversation, you'll want to first check out this post:

Prospecting Tips from a Pro!

Secrets Revealed


This one is VERY powerful.  

Everyone wants to be able to relate to another human being.  By practicing Mirroring and Matching, you will be making that vital connection.  This should not be obvious, because that will immediately drive your prospect away.  

Match the mood and intensity level of your prospect.  

Think about the following:

  1. What tone of voice are they using?  Are they SUPER excited?!  Or are they mosey-ing along in life...  Initially match their speed and as the rapport builds, you can work into your natural speed and mode of communication.
  2. If you're meeting in person, watch their body language.  Maintain similar body language (but this does not mean to exactly copy what they are doing).
  3. Pay attention to how they are communicating.  (In person, emails, FB, etc.)  Use a similar form of communication - match if they are more formal, casual, etc.

Words/phrases they may use:

  1. “I feel”
  2. “I hear”
  3. “I like the sound” of that.  

Pay attention to how they speak - doesn’t matter what your communication style is!  

Sample sentence from Ray Higdon:  “If this looks good, resonates, or just feels right, then go ahead and join!”

This appeals to all types of communicators - think of connecting with as many senses as you can! 


Match at the tone and speed of your prospect at first (pacing), but during the interaction, move into your natural “zone.” (leading)

It's just a fact that...  the person that talks the loudest and the fastest sells the most.  Slow talkers initially hate fast talkers.  Intially.

Your prospect will want to understand you, so they will naturally speed up.


Work these direct command phrases into your prospecting:

“I found something you really need to see.”

“If you decide to join me, then I’d love to work with you.”  

“Whenever you decide to join, if you do, then we can start moving todya!  Or you can *try continuing with whatever it is you’re doing today.“  

*This word "try" is really key to this phrase.  This is implying a future defeat.  You're telling them what they are doing today is not working.  

“You might want to *consider the benefits of joining my business.”

*"Consider" is also a psychologically powerful word!  This turns the sentence into a passive command - NONE of us like being told what to do!  You are appealing to their focus on benefits that would be had if they were to sign up.  See the two very different flavors of the same appeal below:

  1. “I think you should sign up today!”  This creates a LOT of resistance.  

  2. “You might want to consider the benefits of joining a successful and uplifting team.”  

{Using the phrases above will not "make" someone join your business that truly does not want to!  These lessons are not meant to coerce someone into doing something they don't want to do.  There are people that are not quite convinced that your option is for them, and these are tools to help "get them off the fence."}


Provide value and solutions to your audience.  This may be presented in many ways, including (but not limited to) the following:

  1. Message on your email list
  2. Blog post
  3. Instagram post
  4. Webinar
  5. Face-to-face meeting
  6. FB Live 
  7. FB post
  8. YouTube video
  9. Whatever additional creative ways you think of to spread your message!

There was much more value given in this series, but we're stopping here for today - so much more great stuff on the horizon!  Stay tuned...

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