Secret Website Page - Happy Birthday!

Welcome back!

It was recently my birthday (one week ago today, although it already seems like it was eons ago!!) and I paid attention to the many ways in which people reached out to send good wishes ✨!

Since FB "reminds" your friends that It's Your Big Day, there are tons of well-wishers that seemingly come out of the woodwork to shout out,"Happy Birthday!"  📢  There are some that I only hear from on that day 🗓️.  For which I'm grateful 🙏.

(But they don't need to be shy the rest of the year!  😀)

Gifts 🎁 were given BEFORE my birthday month even started and continued to come in after my birthday month had come and gone!  📅  

Postcards came in from family in Colorado.  📨  I missed some calls, and listened to the voicemails 📞.  Going to a celebratory evening out, a call came in from my sister and her kids - who serendaded 🎙️ me over the soundwaves ☎️️ while I was walking down a street in a strange small town.  🏃🏽‍♀️  (Although, in the past, she's called and played HB on the harmonica, I wonder when she stopped doing that!  😂😂😂)

There were texts 📱, emails 📧, cards ✉️️, snapchats and hugs 🤗.  One of my coworkers even made me a cheesecake 🍰 from scratch.  (He got bonus points for that one! 💯)  

I felt very blessed by all of the love!  💚💗💜💙

I noticed fellow network marketers did a couple of things to stand out.  I received some audio private FB messages, which are highly personal - since they connect on a deeper level and addressed me by my name.  📣

One link on FB stood out in particular to me - it was also a marketer that I'm acquainted with and I loved his idea!  He had posted a link to a "secret" page on his website sharing a Happy Birthday message!  A click on that link sent you to his page that included a dog "playing guitar" with a Happy Birthday song playing, incorporating humor 😀 and a birthday 🎈🎂 message.

Genius!  🤓

After seeing 👀 that, I did make my own page 📃.  It was created with my own "flavor" and style ✨.  On your website, you can create pages that don't show up in the navigation (at the top of the page or on your site map) but if you send the link to someone, it's a public page.

I have included a jazz piano 🎹 "Happy Birthday" 🎶 rendition, because I play piano 🎼 and also, it's great!  (I didn't play this version - I plan to record 🎵 my own HB version at a later date, but did not want to hold off on creating this page, just because I hadn't completed that one piece of the puzzle!)

Here's my link, if you'd like to check it out below!  


Even though I am finished celebrating 🥂 this year (I think!  But...  are we ever really finished celebrating?!?!  I hope not!) I hope I can make others feel as special as they made me feel on my own day.  

Each of us should be celebrated 🎉 - we all have something unique to give to the world!  

Last, I wanted to share the card that my love gave me.  It showed me that he does listen and understand me more than I thought!  💕

Was this post helpful? If so, I appreciate comments below - please feel free to share it with anyone who might benefit! (Pay it forward!)

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See you next time!


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