Prospecting Tips from a Pro! Part III

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Did you ever want to ask questions to your marketing guru?  One of the continuing rising stars and supporters in this industry is Ray Higdon and he often DOES marketing Q&A's.  I've captured a few of these speaking directly about marketing, answering questions from marketers just like you and I!

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What do you think about buying aged leads?  

Well, that was a really interesting answer.  Clearly, aged leads are cheap, which is why they're really appealing.  However, note the word "aged."  

This is akin to picking up the phone book (does anyone still have these??) and calling.  SUPER COLD leads.  Ray actually wrote a blog post on this.

His buddy, David Wood, called him out on that - and said NO ONE should EVER buy leads.  But he changed his tune a bit when Ray reminded him that when he began in marketing...  he was really crappy at it!  

Dave actually bought leads when he was first starting and learned a lot about talking on the phone by talking with cold leads.  

ADVICE  If you purchase aged leads, go into it NOT expecting to sell, but to PRACTICE your phone skills.  Could be a great growing experience for a newbie!  

I’m preparing to call realtors - what should I say?

First.  The word “Preparing.”  It implies you are not taking action.  

Don't "prepare" to ride a bike - just get on the bike and ride it!  Just do it.  

“Hey, are you open to a side project that won’t interfere with your other business?”

(Again...  make it your own!)  Go with what feels right to you.  

Can you explain how to handle prospects that say they will watch the video 3 days from now - (sense of urgency/seriousness)?

You want to get your prospect to move forward as quickly as possible (Success loves speed!  Get the momentum going!), but a few days isn't that big of a deal.  A few weeks, yes.  

Leverage your time - point them to some type of tool.  

This might be how it goes:

“Hey, are you open to a side project that won’t interfere with your other business?”

”What is it?”

You tell them you can send over a video and you ask,”How soon can you watch it?”

"I’m pretty busy on Saturday, and I have a call at 1PM (whatever time) but I might be able to squeeze in a call at 1:30PM."   

Create that sense of urgency and keep your posture.  Hold that posture.

“Just let me ask you a question - I’m a professional and did you say yes to get me off the phone, or are you actually going to watch it?  If not, just tell me now, and we can save each other some time.”

"I probably won't actually watch it."

"I really appreciate your honesty.  Do you know anyone that does want to make some money?"

You may get a referral.

How many trial closes before you accept they are not ready?

Don’t use these haphazardly, use them because the conversation has taken you there.

One example:

"Did you watch the video?"

"Yes.  And I had some questions and I had some concerns."

"Cool - we’ll get to those, what did you like about what you saw."

(Go over the “likes.”)

"Sounds to me like you’re ready to join."

"Yeah!  I really am!"

"Ok, we’ll go to the website, and you go here, etc."

If you can sense they are fired up, move forward.

An alternate conversation direction:

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, what about my questions and concerns?"

"Oh, I totally forgot about those, you were so fired up about it.  Ok, what were those?"

(And you may never hear them.)

If the prospect loves it and is excited, then the NWM goes on about what THEY like, I like this, I like that and then they talk the prospect out of the sale!  Don't!

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