3 Reasons You Must Attend Events!!


I've been going to events my ENTIRE life.  Certain types of events.

You see...  I'm a PK.  

A Preacher's Kid.  

Growing up, we went to retreats, campouts, & conferences many times throughout the year.

(As a very shy, introverted kid, it was sometimes challenging, but that's a topic for another day!!)

As an adult, I still go to some of the same, and this year, I am also going to my VERY FIRST LARGE company event!!  

The next two weeks are going to be SUPER BUSY, as I have not only ONE event to go to, but TWO major events within TWO WEEKS!!

I wanted to touch on both of those and also share with you...

3 Reasons You Must Attend Events!!

The first event I will be attending and taking place in, this week through the weekend is our Iowa church state conference.  

This has actually been taking place at the same location in Iowa since 1887 - so, this will be the 130th Annual Conference!!  (At that time, the state of Iowa would be turning the tender age of 41...)

A BONUS 4th reason (see 3 other Reasons...  BELOW!) to attend church or non-profit events is an opportunity for...


This is a time when you can volunteer of your time, money, effort, or other resources, as needed for the event.  There will be a lot of volunteer work at this event!!

The day will be FULLY PACKED from Devotions prior to breakfast to a campfire service just before heading to the dorms to sleep!  The rest of the day will be packed with 2 classes, lunch, recreation, an evening service and choir practice!  

Food will be prepped & cooked.  Music played (and you just never know WHAT will be played...  one year, my sister played the Shofar, or ram's horn!), puppet shows performed, and on Saturday, the kids will put on a program.  

We choose a theme and the lessons for the duration are centered around this  - sometimes including decor, food, photos, and whatever else we can think of!!

There is a lot of FUN stuff going on, fellowship with others, including the guest speaker (typically from out-of-state) and his wife, but there's also serious time.

Time of prayer, quiet, learning, and our board meeting (at which I am the state Treasurer).

So many roles.  Many people wear multiple hats, but everyone pitches in for the closeness of the 4 days.  

I'll be playing the piano.  Teaching classes from 2nd grade, to teens, to the adults!  And create a delicious and healthy breakfast on Friday!  (I don't think I'll be bored at all!)

It is a place to go to nourish your mind and heart, become refreshed and rejuvenated!

And this brings me to the SECOND event I'll be attending within a 2-week time span!

I am highly anticipating this event - it will be different than anything I've experienced (I'm pretty sure!).  

First, I have never personally met ANYONE THAT WILL BE THERE (even my 3 roomies!!), but have created friendships over the last year with MANY...  and I cannot WAIT to meet these beauties (inside and out) in person!

Second, I HAVE been involved in watching webinars, hangouts, FB Lives, chats with groups and inevitably after any of them - I have a heightened sense of PURPOSE, EXCITEMENT, LOVE, DRIVE (should I go on??)...  So, I can only imagine what this will be like IN PERSON, IN THE SAME ROOM...  I mean *mind blown.*

Third, this is a very important step for my business as well!  It proves my sincerity, that I will INVEST of myself, my time and resources to attend this event over 1000 miles away.  Have those impromptu conversations with mentors I've only communicated with through a computer screen - those are priceless.  

{You better believe I'll be posting an update on this AFTER I return from this event!}

So, check out this video, then see the below 3 Reasons You MUST Attend Events!!

(If you want to JOIN in on this AMAZING EXPERIENCE, make the decision today!!)

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3 Reasons You Must Attend Events!!


In 1925, Napoleon HIll wrote The Law of Success in 16 Lessons and it is NO coincidence that the VERY FIRST lesson in the course is named Master MInd, due to its importance.  A Master Mind, according to Hill's own definition:

"a mind that is developed through the harmonious co-operation of two or more people who ally themselves for the purpose of accomplishing any given task."

Hill first coined this term, unable to find it in literature or textbooks at the time.  

Because the mind is made from particles, just like everything else in the Universe, and vibrates at various frequencies - just like everything else in the Universe...  some minds invariably are more harmonious than others.  

It goes to reason that a group of people gathered at one location for a particular event will be more harmonious (have a similar/the same purpose).  Therefore, these minds, vibrating at the same frequencies create a Master Mind, capable of something much higher than each individually.  

Certainly in this case, the WHOLE is greater than the sum of its parts.  

(Have you ever left an event "on a high," just to be rudely jolted when you encounter the "real world"?  I attribute this to leaving a place of compatible vibrational energy and moving to areas where that frequency is incompatible and clashes with those around you.)


When you are fully immersed in a situation, you will soak it up in ways you couldn't otherwise.  You will see and experience {inexplicable} happenings.  The Reticular Activating (filtering) System in your brain, or your R.A.S., will work to support what you are learning.    

Your BELIEF will only GROW BIGGER because of attending this event!


"Never be the smartest person in the room."

When you attend events, this should not be a problem!  There will be various experts, no matter the subject (or what type of event you are attending!!) - I know at the Bible conference I will be attending, if I added up the decades of study that will be there, it would be many lifetimes!  

The business event I will be attending will include SO many types of social media and marketing experts, a chiropractor/neuro-scientist (yeah, I will definitely NOT be the smartest person in the room!  LOL), and a marketer that has helped to generate Billions of views on YT.

Not only sharpening the ax for these skills, but also of heightened mindset.  The awesome thing is I can use these skills for personal, spiritual, or business - in the end, it's really seamless and part of my lifestyle!  

Events pull together high levels of talent, knowledge and drive to create the Perfect Storm of learning!

I. Cannot. Wait.  

The next two weeks are going to be EPIC.  




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