Have a Peaceful, Easy Sunday (10 Great Songs to Accompany Your Day!)

I just sent out a message to my email list.  In the subject line, I said something to the effect that I was just saying,"Hi" and that there was no accompanying sales pitch!

What a novel idea.

Just saying,"Hey."  I'm here, I'm a real person.  Let me know if you need something, and otherwise, have an awesome Sunday.  


Everyone is tired of the spammalicious posts seen EVERYWHERE!  "Hey, do I have an opportunity for YOU!...  What's your name again?"  LOL  

How about just connecting with others?  Showing that you have tips to help them out and you're a human being that also cares about them?

I'm here to wish you a peaceful, easy Sunday.  

Filled with health, happiness and maybe some good music.

Here are 10 great tunes to accompany your day!  (Don't worry, there will be no Kenny G here!  LOL)  A little something for everybody!

I saw this in concert - WOWZA!  

BONUS!  Number 11:  

I could go on all day, but I'll stop there!  

Let me know your favorite song you listen to on your mellow day!  

I'd love to know what it is!!

Was this post helpful in bringing you peace today? If so, I appreciate comments below - please feel free to share it with anyone who might benefit! (Pay it forward!)

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See you next time!


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