An entrepreneur is a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.  An entrepreneur thinks of things in a drastically different way than most of the population, with a mind and heart open to accomplishing through their own determination.  It requires hard work but the risk is worth it.

In college, my friend Sarah and I met, both studying in Music at Iowa State University.  Upon graduating she taught music, but after a few years of teaching and later staying home with her young daughters she was dissatisfied with the thought of returning to the same type of employment.  A business began out of an interest in sewing that grew, beginning in her early teenage years, and a passion to create while being her own boss. 

Sarah is now in her sixth year of creating works of art with her sewing machine, upcycling wool and fabrics into beautiful products for you and your home!  I had to sneak a glimpse of some of the products she is selling for a show just this weekend!


I LOVE this Carnival-inspired pillow!  (Notice, it even has a “hitch”!)

Fabric roses with real stems

Catnip mice

Animals in patterns of her own creation…  Bears, Hedgehogs, Cashmere Bunnies and the very unique Narwhal! 

(There are other friendly creatures not included in this show, Foxes, Owls, and Fish to name a few!)

Wool mittens, various types of bags, garlands, lavender sachets, wine bags, and headbands are a few of the other types of product contained within in her original collections.

Although it wasn’t always easy in the startup phase of her business, Sarah persevered and proved to herself and others that this truly was a business and not just a “hobby.” 

Why be an entrepreneur? 

In Tony Robbins’ book Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom:

As exciting as it was to learn his investment system, what I found most interesting about Ray (Dalio) is how he looks at the world.  He sees it as a jungle, and his life as a constant, exhilarating battle. 

“The way I look at life, Tony, we all have something we want, something that represents a greater quality of life.  But to get there, you have to go through a jungle filled with challenge.  If you pass through it, you get to the life you desire.  It’s like I’m on one side of the jungle,”he told me.  “And you could have a terrific job, a terrific life if you can cross that jungle.  But there are all of these dangerous things and they can all kill you.  So, do you stay on one side and have a safe life, or do you go into the jungle?  How do you approach that problem?”

Ray goes into the jungle with very smart and trusted friends by his side, always asking,”What don’t I know?”


Are you satisfied to stay on the “safe” side of the jungle? 

Or will you surround yourself with smart friends and mentors to get through the dangerous jungle to get to the life you desire? 

Don’t settle, my friend.  Aim for the stars.